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  APACHE DTF-3040 PRINTER Introducing the Apache DTF (Direct To Film)-3040 Printer. At Apache DTF & DTG Printers, we bring you the best in Direct To Film and Direct To Garment Printers. This article in particular is about the Apache DTF(Direct To Film)-3040 Printer. Our Apache DTF-3040 Printer is one-of-a-kind. It is equipped with the greatest printing components, and produces high-quality printing onto transfer film. This printer is fast, easy to use, and very efficient for any printing business. The Apache DTF-3040 has the latest printing technologies and makes printing Direct To Film a quick, and simple process. Apache DTF & DTG Printers can provide the best solutions for your printing business. If you would like to learn more about the Apache DTF-3040 Printer, you may visit our website, email us at, or you can call us directly at 714-203-1316.